a caribbean gem

the restoration of a historic island home…

“You belong somewhere

you feel free”.

-Tom Petty


Where in the world do your interests, passions and goals all come together? Which road less traveled or diamond in the rough could sum up all the things you love most?


your paradise pursuit

start your road map…

Meet Trina

During the last fifteen years of traveling, I visited local real estate offices everywhere I went. I saw romantic Italian villas and pictured my life there, I visited beachfront condos in the south of France and imagined a permanent glass of wine in my hand. I drafted a life in Portugal, Nicaragua, Australia, Spain, Scotland and many more. 

As I went, I started to  build a list of all the things I would find in my perfect place. After almost 40 countries, I started looking for something that fit my list of criteria.  

I was extremely specific about what I wanted but completely open minded about where I would find it.

Since then, I have become the proud owner of a beautiful old house on a tropical island with enough space to accommodate guests, plenty of room for an art studio, gallery or cafe, a separate building to run a b&b and all less than two blocks from the water's edge.  The house needs some TLC but that’s exactly what I asked for.

Paradise is about more than beaches and warm weather. It's about being in the place that feeds your spirit and empowers you to be more of yourself, whether you're looking to relocate entirely or acquire a vacation property that allows you to explore your ambitions.

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What to Watch, Read and Learn

Tips for Your Paradise Pursuit

When I have the time, there are more than a few television programs I'll gladly put on to re-inspire me. 

Here are some of my favorites...

TV Shows

  • House Hunters International

  • Caribbean Life

  • Island Life

  • Bahamas Life

  • Parts Unknown

  • Beachfront Bargain Hunt

  • Stone House Revival

Recent Books I've Read and Loved

  • You're a Badass
    by Jen Sincero

  • The Gifted Adult
    by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen

  • Don't Stop the Carnvial
    by Herman Wouk

  • The Artist's Way
    by Julia Cameron

  • You're Going to Survive
    by Alexandra Franzen

  • Making Ideas Happen

    by Scott Belsky


You can learn a lot about a foreign place without ever leaving home…

While I was doing my research, I had learned almost everything I needed to know about the island of St. Croix before I ever went there. The internet gives us information about everything these days, so find out what other people are saying about the place you're interested in. Use google street view and walk the streets. Check out sites with information about the economy, real estate, travel, climate, and anything else that comes to mind. All you have to do is sit down at your computer and type in a question. 

While Television is not my favorite pastime, it can be incredibly interesting to watch programs about what you yourself are hoping to do. Whether you have an idea of where you'd like to go, or no idea at all, there are so many travel/relocation/renovation/vacation programs these days, that you can learn a ton about where other people are going, how they're doing it, and why. Check out what's available for you to watch.

Social Media can help you learn exactly what people are raving and complaining about in any given place. Are you thinking of moving somewhere or buying property abroad? Check out Facebook groups for locals, find pages where expats connect, follow Instagram accounts about your areas of interest, do everything you can to join the conversation. All at once, you can learn about a place and the people there, with a few clicks.