Well that went well :)

I just spent the day viewing the property that only a few months ago, I was looking at through the screen of my laptop.  Not only do I love it as much as I thought I would, but the size and potential of the property exceeded my expectations.

On this lot, there is a large, two-storey West-Indian house. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and laundry. There is also a large sitting room and two gallery hallways with shutters opening to a view of the historic Fort Christiansted, the ocean and other heritage buildings on the surrounding blocks.

Downstairs, there is another kitchen, bathroom and bedroom or office. The best feature is a commerical area that would be a perfect art gallery or gift shop.

Outside, there is a lovely fenced yard and an accessory building that can accomdate up to 4 guests once renovated into two one bedroom apartments. 

Between the West Indian architectural, the coral stone fireplace, the view, the history and all the ideas I would like to bring to this property, I'm wrapping up a pretty amazing day and I haven't even described my afternoon yet.

After viewing the property with Gerville and my real estate agent, Gerville mentioned a woman named La Vaughn who is an artist and who has renovated some old properties on the island herself. He gave me her number, I called, and within 30 minutes I was at her studio talking with her about her past projects, her artwork and her life in St.Croix. I spent the rest of the afternoon with her, meeting her two daughters and admiring how she renovated an old cottage into her art studio and renovated a few more into bed and breakfasts.

It's 6:00pm now and I think I deserve a swim. :)


Trina Thorpe