Think a couple hurricanes will stop me?

It makes sense to me that once I discovered the dream project I'd been searching for, I would be tested to make sure I reeaallllly reeaaalllllllly wanted it.  It couldn't possibly be as easy as deciding to do it, finding a needle in a haystack and coming up with a good chunk of change to invest from scratch could it? *SIGH* Of course not. 

As I sat in Vancouver following the news about hurricane Maria and Irma, I asked myself that very question without knowing if my dream vacation home would survive these storms. Do I really want to continue this adventure and strive to accomplish my biggest goals despite the risks, the time and money I'll need to invest and the annual storm season that could destroy it all? 

My answer was a resounding YES.  It wasn't hard to come to this conclusion because hurricanes or not,  my hopes and dreams have been metaphorically banging on my door much longer than any natural storm could.  Further more, the damage of a storm can change my physical world but the passion and drive in my heart impacts every part of my life. Whether it rains or it pours, I still need to stick to my own adventure and listen to my own heart. 

It's as simple as that.

Some roadblocks are small (I'm broke,  I'm too busy) while others are enormous (a force of nature capable of destroying my home is barreling towards it and there is nothing I can do about it). Don't let the size of a hurricane scare you away from your ambitions. When the storm passes, you'll still have the same talents, desires and capabilities as you did before.  The question is, did you stop and let the storm scare your dreams away or did you buckle down and let the force of your fears empower you? You have to know that a storm will likely come, and that's ok. You can handle it and will be stronger for it.

So, will a couple hurricanes stop me?


Instead, it's just a another dynamic chapter in the story of my life.

P.S. While the islands across the Caribbean have been damaged severely, my little slice of paradise is still standing. Affected by the storms, but this 300+ year old house is still strong and waiting for me to come home. Even though I didn't have to face a worst-case-scenario, I  confirmed that no matter what comes my way, I will continue to forge my own path. In addition, in case you're wondering, if my property had been destroyed, I would have tweaked my path to the same future. I would do whatever it takes because the alternative (wondering what could have been) is not an option.

With my mission still intact,


Trina Thorpe