Creating a Design Board

Today, I’m envisioning how I plan to restore and redesign each space.  This is the first step in getting what is inside my head, out into the world, and over the next year, into this old house.

In the main residence, you will enter onto the second floor which consists of two breezy galleries, a great room with a beautifully high tray ceiling, two bedrooms, two baths and a kitchen.  In this main space, I imagine clean, crisp, white throughout with pops of vibrant colours via furniture pieces, artwork and lush plants.  The bedrooms will be bright with rich wood, light and airy fabrics combined with colourful artwork. The kitchen will be enlarged and include lots of white stone and tile, industrial lighting and modern appliances. Continuing with a light palette, the bathrooms will be a place of purity and relaxation with a large tub in the master bath and antique fixtures throughout.

On the lower level of the main residence, the interior side of the house, facing the garden, was enclosed somewhere along the way but was originally designed as and indoor/outdoor living space.  With big white stone columns creating archways that integrate the outdoor area with the cool, stone-built living space inside, this lower level includes a bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom.  This space has also been used as a commercial space in the past, so the possibility of creating an art gallery, workshop space or café is also possible here.  The design I’m planning to create will uncover and showcase the stone columns mentioned above and create a relaxed, open feel with natural fabrics, plants coming in from the garden and a patio space stretching out from the living area into the garden (as well as to the pool… Hopefully).

In the guest residence, there are two bedrooms, two baths, two living areas and a laundry room. Here, the design will be simple, clean, fresh and comfortable.  Check out the developing “design wall” above for a visual reference on everything described here. The next versions of this design wall will become more and more specific as I work through was it possible, what the potentials costs are, what materials are available, and so on. With the help of a contractor, an engineer and the Historic Preservation Commission, I’ll be able to answer many of my questions over the next three months.

-  TMT

Trina Thorpe