Today I got a few pieces of great news.

Today I got a few pieces of great news.  

First, I had a survey completed on the property and am happy to know that the air conditioners that were encroaching into my backyard will be removed by the seller. :)

Next, I found out that the vacant lot across the street from "The Great Find" will be transformed into a museum that will celebrate the colourful history of this island.  This is excellent news because I originally thought that the location was ideal being so close to the ocean, the fort, the boardwalk and a small museum called the Steeple Building.  After this building is constructed, that will make 2 museums, the fort, the boardwalk and the ocean all within view and walking distance of this beautiful old house.  When the transformation is complete, there won't be a better place to stay or more to see!

Finally, I had a great call with a local contractor who can help me tackle some of the biggest challenges of the restoration. That brings me a big sense of relief to know I have some skilled and local support.


Trina Thorpe