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This workshop helps creative people imagine their way to the perfect slice of paradise and then establish a strategy to make that paradise their own.

Until I did this, I really wondered if there was something wrong with me for wanting more. Today, I'm looking at places in the Caribbean and every step of the way has been thrilling.

-  Megan M.

Dreaming in Toronto, Living in the Caribbean


I always assumed that I wouldn't be able to live in Europe until I retired so opening my own retreat in South Portugal at 29, makes me jump out of bed in the morning. I feel like the best part about this workshop was opening my mind to endless possibilities.

- Kevin. H

From California, designed for Europe

I had no idea that finding my perfect spot would lead me back into my very own country. It was right under my nose!

- Maria S.

Finding Spain in the United States

4 weeks to Paradise

Online Workshop

Week 1: Describe your Paradise

This week, we'll figure out what really makes you smile and get very, very specific about what your perfect place feels like. Imagine that designing a mental image of your perfect paradise will make it real, so you don't want to miss any details. Be as bold and creative as you  want and if we can knock out a couple more of your dreams at the same time as buying a vacation home, we want to explore that too. 

week 1 Highlights

  • 1 on 1 Video Consultation

  • Guided Workbook with probing questions and examples for each

Week 2: Global Search

Once you know what your paradise looks and feels like, this week begins a search for where out there, those elements of your paradise can be found. Together, we'll put my travel experience to work and circle in on all the areas that could fit the description we created in week 1.

week 2 Highlights

  • 1 on 1 Video Follow Up

  • Personalized Paradise Report - Our recommendations and vision for YOU based on your own words.

Week 3: Budget and Goals

What's your budget? $100K? $50K? $0? What would you like to do or create in your paradise? What are your goals for this property?

Depending on your budget and life goals, we'll narrow the search to places you'll love AND can afford.

week 3 Highlights

  • Guided Workbook with Resources

  •  Research Teammate - We're in this together

Week 4: A Good Idea In More Ways Than One

Even though finding your piece of paradise on a budget is dreamy in itself, we want to make sure the pieces of paradise you consider, have potential and value in more ways than one. We're smart, and we want to make sure this investment is smart too. We'll apply a business test, real estate market check and rental potential assessment to your paradise options because we want options, and GOOD ones.

week 4 Highlights

  • Guided Workbook

  • Case Studies

Workshop Features:

1 on 1 Video Consultation

Customized Paradise Report

Guided Workbooks - Released each week

If you can imagine your perfect place, I can help you find it