The Paradise Pursuit

The Paradise Pursuit Online Workshop

Week 1: Describe your Paradise

In the first week, we'll figure out what really makes you smile and get very specific about what your perfect place will look and feel like. Imagine that designing a mental image of your perfect paradise will make it real, so we don't want to miss any details. In addition, we want to focus on you and what puts a smile on your face. We'll finish this week with a list of criteria, describing your unique vision of paradise.

Week 2: Global Search

Once you know how your paradise will look and feel, we'll begin the search for where the key elements of your paradise can be found. Together, we'll put my travel experience to work and circle in on all the areas that could fit the description we created in week 1. 

Week 3: Budget and Goals

Depending on your budget and life goals, we'll narrow the search to places you'll love AND can afford.

  • What's your budget? 

  • What would you like to do or create in your paradise?

  • What are your goals for this property? 

Week 4: A Good Idea (In More Ways Than One)

Even though finding your piece of paradise on a budget is dreamy in itself, we want to make sure the pieces of paradise you consider, have potential and value in more ways than one. You're smart, and we want to make sure this investment is smart too. We'll apply a business test, real estate market check and rental potential assessment to your paradise options.

Course Highlights

  • Weekly 1 on 1 Video Consultation

  • Flexible Start Date (we'll choose a start date together during the application process)

  • Guided Workbook and Resources

  • Research Support (we're in this together)


Your Personalized

Paradise Plan


Personalized Paradise Plan

I'll provide you with a detailed questionnaire to complete. With your answers, I'll create a customized plan for paradise using information you provide and matching it to where will best suit your your tastes, goals and lifestyle. After completion, you will take this plan, check out the places I recommend and use that plan to further your own research and get to the place you've been imagining. I will be doing research on your behalf and will spend about a week putting your personalized paradise plan together. 

Personalized Paradise Plan
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1 on 1 Consulting

If neither our workshop or personalized paradise plan works for you, 1 on 1 consulting might be the best course of action. Tell me what you're thinking and I'll find the best way to help you by clicking the link below.